Rusty romhacker taking on new projects that won't be finished.


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I used to do some hex-monkey romhacking back in the day, mostly revolving around JRPGs, Final Fantasy in particular. I even wrote some documents on it, albeit rife with the awkward remarks of a young teen and prominent indications that I didn't really know what I was doing.

I'm a bored and listless middle-aged man now, as many of us are, I imagine. I stumbled on NES maker and, naturally, it punched my right in the nostalgia.

The two main ideas floating in my head are something like Adventures of Lolo crossed with some sort of simplified survival/exploration. Secret rooms, multiple divergent paths. Would be nice to have the occasional room larger than a screen with four way scrolling. A dash of Gauntlet, in those regards. From what I'm gathering on the forum and cursory dives into the software, the four way scrolling is going to be difficult for me, and I may have to scrap it.

And of course a JRPG of some kind, where I think my main questions are going to be handling encounters generation, turns and stat interactions. It's a shame there isn't a JRPG module already, but I guess most people are using RPGMaker for that. Nevertheless, this idea seems more manageable for a first go.

The only thing I know I'm totally good for is the graphics. I did lots of graphical tweaking and pixel art, and still find myself occasionally doing so even without any related projects. Would have killed to have something like Aseprite back in the day.

Anyway, thanks for having me, maybe I'll pop in from time to time, and any leads regarding my ideas above are welcome.



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Hello and welcome.

I use Aseprite too and sometimes Piskel. I actually prefer Piskel for doing animations but that's probably laziness not taking the time to learn frames setup on Aseprite. All the things you mentioned are possible. However, four way scrolling routines would be quite advanced coding and then, as far as I understand it, only one or the other (horizontal or vertical) at once. i.e not diagonal (8-ways) because of the Mapper NM uses. It's explained a lot better here...

Something like Hal Labs "NEW Ghostbusters 2" would be a more realistic goal. If you're not familiar with it, sections of the game are either vertical or horizontal and loaded independently. I wouldn't dismiss the idea completely. Regarding RPGs, a few forum members are working on them and also Joe is hinting about a project but I don't know if that will turn into a tutorial / module or not.


Hope this helps. Looking forward to seeing your pixel art and projects in WIP section maybe.


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Hi nice to meet you, seems like an interesting project, there is a RPG module in the works btw. Nice to have yah here, I’m exited to see what you create :3


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Welcome @Dienyddiwr
Glad you doing us :)
JRPG are not easy to make... But not impossible if you know coding.
Anyway, you could start simple, making action RPG with the adventure module... it's a step ;)

Can't wait to see what you create with NESmaker


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The RPG module is being worked on but we have no idea when it will be ready. Worse yet, with the new verison looming it probably wont get released until 5.0 as I'm sure some of the macros will get changed like they always do. Making past code useless. Hold tight and that module will be released soon enough.
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