Software to produces tiles and limitations ?


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Hello there !
I'm wondering if you guys know any software to produces tiles and graphics ( tile editor or something like ) for nes.
Is there any guideline regarding colors / limitation etc ?
Thanks a lot


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It's not specifically for NES but I use Aseprite and sometimes Piskel (runs online). Aseprite isn't free but it's worth it.

This is an in-depth explanation of limitations by mega cat studios...



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I personally use the android app Pixel Studio a lot, mostly for characters and their animations.
For tiles more specifically, you may want to have a look at Pyxel Edit or Tilesetter.
You can also watch the official tutorial videos, this one in particular is about the pixel editor in NesMaker :

And last but not least, is a website with a lot of palettes, and this one may be a good start.

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