(SOLVED) help with 4.5.6 npc text issue


here is my move up
OH I know now! When you press the same button to exit the text, it triggers the draw box again which triggers the variable to get set back to 1..

Here is what you need to add to the doDrawBox script (NOTE not doDrawText):

At around line 337 enter this code:

LDA queueFlags
                    AND #%01000000
                    BEQ isCreatingBoxTiles
                        ;; is restoring box tiles
                        ;;; COMPLETLY DONE WITH BOX.
                        LDA #$00
                        STA queueFlags
;;THIS triggers when a box has left the screen!
;;add this code here:
PlaySound #sfx_powerup ;; make sure this sound plays when the box leaves screen
LDA #$00
STA is_drawing_text_box
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