(Solved) How To Make A Buffer Screen For Metro-Vania Platform Game Using Nesmaker (4.5.9)

Hi, I need a tutorial on how to make a buffer screen please? So I can avoid this error/glitch occuring when I put Special Screens into this sort of game please.



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From your (8x8) Start Screen, set it to warp to a "buffer" screen, any normal screen (not 8x8) maybe a black screen with just a "LEVEL 1" written on it with tiles... set the "left edge stop" and "right edge stop" flags for that screen, also hide hud and sprites... set the warp in x,y coords... and the warp ou x, y to your real level screen.
Also, you could place a invisible monster on that prefer screen, that would ignore gravity and executes a WARP after a small timer value (maybe "4")


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You can also use this method to warp from your buffer screen, using a screen flag... (either method works fine)
Hi, Thank you both for your super fast replies. I tried your solution dale_coop using both (8x8) screens and using the (16x16) screens as well. Just to test what would work and which didn't? I got your solution to work using 2 (8x8) screens only. I just wanted to run through your solution again. Just to check I did everything right please, so this is what I did.

1) I created a new (8x8) Start Screen in my Overworld.
2) I also created a new (8x8) Buffer Screen just in the same way as my Start Screen.
3) I set it to Warp to my new Buffer Screen. (Which is a just a normal screen right? Before the Main Game, But there are a lot more settings used in this Screen Info Window for this new screen instead?)
4) I set the Left Edge Flag/ I set Right Edge Flag.
5) I set the Hide Hud Flag and I set the Hide Sprite Flag too.
6) I also set all the other flag boxes, I clicked all of them.
7) I set the Warp In coords and Warp Out to my first level of my game.
8) Lastly for this new Buffer Screen I had to set it to a new GameState and called it (Buffer Screen) and like with my Start Screen. I set the same Start Game, Input Script, so the player can Press Start on my Buffer Screen. In order to warp to my first level using that button.
9) The first level of my game started after the warp.
10) I ran past The Dead Zone when scrolling and it worked! The glitch had gone!

So did I do it right? Did I make any mistakes? Or did I do anything that was unnecessary? Please read it through and let me know.
Hi, I just tested my game out again. But without all the other flags clicked on. Just leaving the Edges, Hide Hud/Hide Sprite on. It still worked, so I didn't need to click all the other flags on. Good to know.


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Sounds correct. Yeah, the inbetween screen should be a 'normal' 16x16 metatile screen as you say.
You could have your GameState / type as "cutscene" or something more universal that you could use for a lot of other screens.

Keep experimenting and watching the advanced tutorials / reading though the 4.5.9 ask for help and tutorial stuff on the forum. You'll pick up loads of info and ideas.
Hi Jonny, I tried that and just tried it again now. It's the weirdest thing, that warping from a normal (8x8) screen to the (16x16) and then to my first game screen. To clear the glitch. Doesn't work for me and the buffer screen is just a black screen with Level 1 stamped on it. With the correct settings applied. You say it needs to a metatile screen, ok thanks. I am still happy though because it still works and clears the glitch using 2 (8x8) screens instead. Thanks for the tip, I will keep on experimenting and watching the advanced tutorials. Thank you for your speedy reply. We need more people like me, you and Dale_Coop on this forum. To keep talking and helping each other. So everybody then can make there dream games. I know I want to do that and if I have the answer to somebody elses problem? I will help them in a heart beat!. I will ask for help, if I come arcoss something simular in the future? Thanks for your help.
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