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Hey there! I'm really good at using Famitracker (and more frequently, its SNES counterparts), but I don't have very much experience at composing my own music. I want to work towards improving in that respect, but this makes me think of the "Sound Programmer" role you'll see in the credits of a lot of games - Nobuo Uematsu was the composer for Final Fantasy, but Minoru Akao was the chiptune guy who adapted all of it!
So, if anyone wants to work with a separate composer in tandem with me, shoot me a message!

Here's some stuff I've done in the past:
"Puppycat's Lullaby" by Baths:
"Chattering World" by Shane Mesa:

SNES stuff (not relevant here but still cool):
"Into The Mind" by Toby Fox:
"Resurrections" by kuraine:
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