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I haven't seen any tutorials or any posts about the 'Sprite Layering' Technique used by nes graphics, if i have missed it , could someone point me in the right direction, and if there isn't anything can someone enlighten us on using thios technique through nesmaker. thanks you! :)


I do not recommend sprite layering, since nesmaker already waste sprites on empty space, a work around I do recommend is to design your character around the 8x8 squares and use the two sprite pallets given to you, thats how I handle my characters in beach master and nezumi.

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We could have more palettes available to us if they weren't divided into "day" and "night" with "night" being inaccessible.


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I've wanted to figure out sprite-layering for my in-game characters but luckily enough NESMaker's object editor pretty much did the work for me and I could use up to 8-colours for each 16x32 object. Hopefully in the future we can figure something out.


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I like the two Garedivouirs, and the Ninetales is excellent, but the red on Aggron is... too red. If it was slightly darker, and/or there was more contrast between the shades it would be better, I think.
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