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There are a few mac users on the forum. Not sure exactly how they run it, but it is possible.


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I am a Mac user.
I use NESmaker in a Windows10 virtual machine running with Parallel Desktop on my MacOS.
(before that I was using a Windows7 vm under Virtualbox on my MacOS)
You can also use a dual boot on your Mac (windows / MacOS) using Boot Camp (a native tool, in the utilities of MacOS).


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I run it on a Macbook Pro M1 using Parallels and Windows 11 ARM. It works, I wouldn't say this would be my first feature request as there is a work around for us Mac users.

Script management UI and the amount of times we have to click to get in there is my biggest pain point. I feel like all the scripts should be in one place rather than controls in one ui and game logic in another. Just having multiple window prompts that could stay open would be a big help IMO.


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Agreed with your @timefor
Also, an issue I have... with my Windows 11 ARM on my Mac M1 is... I can use the cart flasher >_< (no drivers for it)
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