The Myth of Zayla


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Hehe. Considering he just died he is in panic rather than a scary looking ghost xD

Mountain tiles need a bit work on map but hey. Thanks! Cool you like it :)


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Another crazy idea... How about if you can beat the game with no unnecessary deaths you get to see Zero Suit Zerno! xD



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Making progress with the game :)

- New enemy: Eyballs
- Redesigned attack / new "butt" attack. You have to press B while attacking to harm enemies. Similar to Scrooges attack in Duck Tales. But Zerno has no stick so he uses his butt xD
- Breakables now brake only if they are being attacked by the Butt attack
- New boss: Undead Mage
+ Many bugfixes & fixed general level design issues



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Update for the week...

- After I got some suggestions on Discord about using too similar colors in the palettes, most of the time I have been redesigning background tiles & figurung out palettes for them.

- Also made the Mage boss fight a bit more interesting by adding phases.

Here are some samples







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Started designing a new cave level. Everything is still under development and a lot will change in the future, but here is thefirst glance :)



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See the new test build in action! Here is some things that have changed

  • New Cave level features
    • Vanishing platforms in style of Mega Man 3 Magnet Man level
    • Hidden bonus rooms (at least 2 per level)
    • Shortcuts
    • Epic Rock boss in style of Mega Man Yellow Devil

  • Redesigned of Ghost Form
    • Possible to move in all directions now
    • Instead stop screen scrolling while in ghost form
    • Opens new possibilities for fun gameplay / secrets
    • Offers Intuitive ways to solve problems
    • Coins & powerups can be collected in ghost form
    • No time limit. Wait for the monster patiently and land your strike when you want
    • Cannot be used inside a wall. Obviously! Zerno would get stuck.
    • Great for getting through difficult phases of the game
    • Zero suit Zerno™ awarded for beating the game with 0 unneccessary deaths. Yes, you need to die a few times in this game :)

  • Butt Attack
    • Stomp on enemies by pressing B in style of Duck Tales pogo jump
    • Reach high places by jumping off from enemies

  • Various enemies
    • Hug-Bones skeleton runs towards you. Can you resist a hug?
    • Saus the Skeledog wants to play with the ball. Isn't she cute too!
    • Basic spikes
    • That pink ball with spikes (no name yet)

  • Enemies in other levels
    • Blob & Blab
    • Mage Boss
    • Frankenstein Boss
    • Floating Eyeballs
    • Mysterious dark Angel

Some other cool things:
  • Password system with encrypted (not harcoded) passwords
  • Interactive overworld map
  • Polished gfx & color usage in levels
  • Cinematics =D
  • Twisted humour
  • Deep story between funny characters
  • Winner of the "Best Package" award in Byte-Off III
    • Making a release with box, manuals, official soundtrack at Spotify (available already btw), marketing videos etc... Let me know if you are interested =D
Thank You for reading this far and thank you for everyone in the community who have helped me. You are THE BEST !!

To be released in 2023 (or later)

Phew... That was a lot to cover in a few weeks of dev burst. Going to have a little vacation from development now. Possibly coming back with some fresh ideas after getting inspired by the Tears of the Kingdom. YAY!

"It is time for an Adventure"



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The Myth of Zayla Started as a ByteOff III entry, but as always I got a bit carried away and now I am going to develop and release a full game in 2023.
Hey, is that the floating head from Zardoz at the start of the video? ;-)
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