The next game im probly gonna make is ...

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Hopefully this is alright in this category. My next game will actually be made for the PC, not using NESmaker, but Gamemaker.
As obviously NESmaker is not a PC game tool. Doesnt mean i wont mess with NESmaker or i will disappear from here at all.
Just wanted anyone to know, and my next game will not just be my game. I will be trying to involve anyone and
everyones thoughts and wants and opinions,that gets interested in my next project. For now it will be called....
Between Two Towns. Which is funny because theres a youtube show called that now..... truly i just played on "Between two pillars".
Its an old saying, and certainly has to do with this game as it will be symbolic of the hidden pillar in the tree of life.(also the side pillars)

Anyway, i will post a small demo video here but not much more as this forum is for NESmaker stuff!
If you are interested in this project though, just visit my patreon and you will see any updates i do.
Although getting everything together like OBS,youtube,patreon,getting comfortable talking on video,may
take a little time so this is more of a heads up for things to come for me.But i am trying to do it all quickly as
its what i want to do!

This early game demo does have....

day/night cycles
moon phases
gravity shifting
visual armor/weapons
most screens will never look the same twice!
weather effects
friends (pets!)
inventory menus

..... so far. Like i said, its just a demo i made to train myself. But it ended up being pretty cool.

Imagine a town 5 screens right, and another 5 screens to the left, when you start.
The town to the left has weapons and armor so probly go that way. As i said its just a demo.
Use A,D,Z,X and the arrow keys. Also try keypad 7,8,9.
Press Q to reseed stars and planets and reset the game.

Heres the PC demo if you wanna try it out!
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