Trouble with setting tile type using Right-Click submenu


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In the Overworld selection from the left-hand tree menu, I usually always set the tile type using the dropdown under the heading "Collision (0)", but I have recently tried using the select-a-tile-with-the-mouse-then-Right-Click, to get the on-screen menu from which I can also set the tile type ("Modify Attribute"). However, I note that the menu does NOT appear if I choose the top-left tile (X = 0, Y = 0).

I'm using NesMaker version 4.5.9 Version 0x176.



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Maybe a lot of people don't use that method and that's why it's never come up before. Suggest contacting Joe via Facebook. He seem's to answer problems like this there.


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You're right @charliee it's a bug.
I usually use the collision dropdown and the key 0... or make my graphic assets with the correct collision data... and use the right click for a few collision data correction (when I made a mistake). But 0,0 (the top left corner) is one place I don't usually do it, yup, good catch.
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