Turtle Rescue

So here's the result of starting with nothing and roughly 8 hours of exploring NES Maker's capabilities:

I give you the worst video game ever! ;)

I still have a lot to learn, but my goal is to make a cute little game where our hero turtle collects seashells while dodging crabs and maybe other nasties.



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Second attachment didn't seem to take, so here it is again. Sorry... learning how this particular forum works here.


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Awesome! Love seeing that someone made a non-human protagonist! You're the first, that honor belongs to you! :)

Don't worry, in the next beta update (at least, for May) you'll be able to do cool things with collecting objects and whatnot (and a lot more). Great job!

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TheNew8bitHeroes said:
Awesome! Love seeing that someone made a non-human protagonist! You're the first, that honor belongs to you! :)

No one's done an inanimate object yet! I'm doin' that one.
I tried to upload a video, but wow, did YouTube compress the hell out of it. In the meantime, I cooked up a slightly better title screen. I found the special screen editor was very stubborn with setting multiple palettes.


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Youtube seems to usually work just fine for me. I wonder if it was another issue that lead to the high compression.


I really like this idea, it's cute and sounds like it'll have a classic arcadey feel to it. I could have easily seen this being on the NES back in the 80's.
Played around with the graphics, added some mean crabbies, and finally resolved some bad tile definitions. This is almost passable for a game.
No magic win button yet, though. :D

Still buggy and incomplete animations from the move to 3.1.3, but that upgrade has allowed me to add the ability for my turtle hero to fling seashells at baddies, create a mean raccoon boss, and come up with an overall goal for the game: save a nest of turtle eggs!



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I like it. Looking like a fun little game so far. I really like the raccoon boss. Seagulls might also make for a good enemy along with the crabs if you do more screens until multi-enemy types per screen becomes a thing.
Thanks! I was really happy how the raccoon turned out. Just googled some pics for reference, then drew the raccoon freehand into the pixel editor. I did cheat and used MS Paint to get a perfect flip since he's background tiles and not a monster.

New video uploaded of a fully functional raccoon boss battle:


In the video, our hero, Toby the turtle, has seashells as his normal weapon. He can easily dispose of some mean crabbies, but when he confronts a nasty raccoon, he finds that his seashells are not enough and is defeated by the raccoon's rotten fruit. Toby returns, this time with a backup energy bazooka weapon that easily eliminates the raccoon's weak points.
"Untitled Turtle Project" has reached a milestone: I am now tentatively calling it "Turtle Rescue" complete with a new beachy logo.

I'm not doing too much with the game mechanics at this point as I know a new engine is on its way and may have to start over. Plus, I have a 4 day vacation coming up and I'll be away from my computer. So when I return, I plan to draw more assets so that when the next beta of NES Maker comes out, I'll have more sprites to play with. :)


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Yes the gradient text is very nice (I hope you would be ok if I reuse this idea for my start screen titles too).
Anyway, thanks for sharing your WIP :)
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