v4.5 unsaved pixel editor changes lost when minimizing window

I noticed that NESMaker still does the thing where when you are working in pixel editor, any unsaved changes are lost when you minimize NESMaker. Is there a fix for this or is it just something on my end?


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Just checked, still happening for me too. I've also once had it save over a different file to the one I'm working so I always use 'save as' just to be completely sure it's saving over the correct file. This might have been just a one off glitch but I'm not risking it.


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Sadly, it's an old issue... I think we already reported that bug to Joe.
I wish all those tool issues were fixed.
If you bring the window back and its gone you can still hit save then just reopen the same file and it will pop back up. It's a nuisance but at least but nothing is lost.


Here is a GIF of what I was talking about. You don't need to save unwanted changes.

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