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Just figured I'd start a fun thread where we tell about the latest game we are playing. I am currently playing Jeffrey Wittenhagen's Black Box Challenge on the NES. It's a fun little RPG where you are on a quest to collect the entire NES "black box" library. I have a few gripes about the game but no deal breakers. It's a fun little game and I highly suggest it if you like JRPG's. The combat system is definitely worth taking a gander at.

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I started Dragon's Dogma again. It is endlessly likeable in my opinion. I really cant get enough.
If i had to some it up....

One of the best overall games. Just so much fun and action and funny stuff.
It felt like i was in a real party the whole time. Some of the battles are the best i've played in a game.
Also being able to skip scenes and voice and text is great especially if you have been through it before.
Its probly like 7 years old but they keep rereleasing it and making it better every time, not just a reskinning it.
I reccommend it the ps4 version, but if you cant get that, the 360 version is still great.


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Currently playing Project Blue and Darkwing Duck on NES. Just finished Micro Mages which is awsome!
Rogue Leader / Res. Evil 4 on GameCube.
Ducktales remastered on PC athough getting a bit bored of that, I prefer the original NES game a lot more.

Enjoying Project Blue, especially the bosses. Getting some really good ideas for my own game through playing them. I just finished some water fall graphics inspired by Darkwing Duck / MegaMan etc. Partly colour swapping and partly a monster sprite. Thats the plan anyway...!

I missed the kickstarter for black box games but it sounds cool.


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Black Box Challenge is a lot of fun, I still haven't finished it yet. Been splitting time between that Death Stranding and Borderlands 3. I believe you can still pick up the standard version of Black Box Challenge from Black Box Challenge . I loved Micro Mages, that game was a work of art. Played it with my kids, they couldn't get enough of it.

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I love gettin dangerous. For how much i hate disney, i love capcom. I really enjoy so many disney nes games.
Re4 never gets old. Lately i went through alot of Ghost of Tsushima with my buddy. Also some new paper mario. I will have to play death stranding because it seems so kojima which im into.

Truly i dont play much unless its co-op/single player with a friend.(we trade off on most deaths and if we do alot)Or play test my game or peoples games on here. Or panel de pon with my brother, or Tekken with my former dojo master.

Ps. I dont recommend ghost. The fighting was fun , overall pretty unfinished, broken' and annoying. If it was polished after 5 years and you could skip cutscenes, it could be an overall amazing xbox360 game.

Anymore, my single player game experiences are usually guilty pleasures. Like literally jumping into the world of dragon's dogma ripped outta my gourd hearing Plum yell " MIND THE EDGE MASTER!" She/he is so helpful.


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I am actually huge Disney fan... well, I love their animated works and theme parks. I don't really like the company.... same can be said of Nintendo. Not a fan but I have a sweet spot for the NES, Gameboy and SNES.


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Currently I'm bombing through the NES-N64 Zeldas on my tablet. Got an NG++++ pyromancer build in Dark Souls: Remastered (Doing a FROMSoft run before Elden Ring drops). Also just finished a Back4Blood campaign-run with homies on Steam.
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