Does anybody sell carts in bulk with your rom flashed on them?


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I buy carts from infiniteneslives all the time, I was just wondering if there were any websites that you can buy carts in bulk where they already flash a rom of your game on them to save you time?


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Not that I know of, but I think the reason is because they want people to have to buy a flasher, so really idk if they is one but that’s just why their wouldn’t be one


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Yeah! I don’t mind flashing my game. Just wondering if there was someone out there that does. Especially when I get a couple hundred made.


Forum user mouse spirit offers board and chip carts (no flash carts) which may be of help if you're looking for premade carts in bulk:


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@5kids2feed You could contact BrokeStudio (, they can make bulk carts... CIB!
You just prepare the rom file, the box file, label, manual... you send to them. And they can produce 100 copies (or more) CIB of your game.
I worked with BrokeStudio for KUBO 3 NES last year, and for KUBO 3 Famicom this year... and for other NES related projects.
The price is really good and their international shipping rates are very competitive!

If you need parts for yourself, ou can also buy Mapper30 NES boards and shells directly from their website (10€ for the board). Shipping faster than INL ;)


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I tried infiniteneslives email address that they use when they send me a notification they shipped out my items. Hopefully that works.

Also they must be backed up right now.. it usually takes them a week to send out carts to me.. it’s been two weeks... could also be because I made one order for 30 carts and another for 70. 100 carts total unlike my little orders of 20 i usually do 🤣


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Whoops turns out that was customer care for Stamps who ships out the packages not an infinite nes lives email. LOL. Anyone know a good way to contact them. They haven’t view my Facebook and Instagram private messages and when I open a support ticket on their website it’s just a blank page.
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