Ambitious game ideas for NES


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Do you guys have ambitious game ideas for the NES?

I was thinking is it possible to make a turn-based strategy game with single player story mode (i.e. Advance Wars) and two player versus mode? Game would include lots of different units and mechanics which provides you resources for manufacturing various things.
I have completely missed any strategy games on NES, are there any good ones?

Hope to hear your ideas too! Maybe someday they will be reality ;)


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The only game that springs to mind on NES is North & South. I don't think its quite what you'd like to make but might be worth a look.

My ambitious game is the one im making lol. An action adventure plaformer. Sounds simple I know haha.


Nothing ambitious here. I tend to lean toward the simple "pick up n' play" type of game. Which is probably a good thing for me, , as I think I'd get burned out trying to complete something that anyone would truly call "ambitious." :whistle:

From what I've learned about NES Maker (far from an expert, mind you) I think your idea is doable, but you'd need to do a LOT of custom coding.

As for what's already on there -- I remember trying to play the Koei games, such as Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and L'Empereur but not old (or smart) enough to understand them. And Fire Emblem is great, of course.


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Pretty much all of my recent NES ideas fall under "ambitious" I think. You may or may not be seeing glimpses of them from me in the near future.


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My ambitious game idea is a space adventure game with a pseudo-3D open world and side scrolling "dungeons."


I was thinking, ambitiously, of something along the lines of One Finger Death Punch, which is vaguely rhythm-based. I think it would be a challenge because of the large number of moving parts that would be on the same row at the same time.

I'd also like to do something like Family Basic but with another environment....Family Ruby or something like that.


Now that you mention it...
One insane idea what would require usage of lot of bg graphics in order to make it to work would be making Command & Conquer style of game for the NES.
Though it would require some toning down in real time elements even though they would be in real time.

Probably won't be the one to make it but if someone is up for a task, feel free to make it real. I've calculated that it can be done but it's up to you to make it reality.

As for NES maker, I'd be impressed to see a FF style game. Especially FF3.
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