Editing scripts causes errors


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When I edit a script, create a new script, copy a script's code and paste it into a new ASM, etc, then try and test the game I get an error: Illegal action, demo.txt written

If I delete the new script, I am able to run the game. I always run NESMaker as admin, so I'm sure that's not the issue.

Any ideas about how to fix this so I can wield scripts?


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What specifically are you wanting to do? Which two scripts are you putting together?
If you can post the script you made and the error message, might be able to figure it out.


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What specifically are you wanting to do? Which two scripts are you putting together?
If you can post the script you made and the error message, might be able to figure it out.
Thanks for your help, but it’s really any change to any script, or even if I crate my own script and place it in the directory where the scripts are located. It’s like NESMaker doesn’t want me to make any changes to the script database at all. I wonder if it’s a permissions thing


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It’s not, are you coding with asm6? It could be a problem with the scripts, just edit a script and add a ; like just press enter at a new point and put if their, it should have no effect on the actual code while still editing the script so you can see if it is an issue as you have described it


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I tried what you suggested and I'm not getting the error. So, maybe simply making changes isn't causing the issue. Must be my code.

Maybe it's better to talk about what I'm trying to do:
When I test my player character input interaction with the controller -
  • if I set 0 as 'standing' animation he never moves on to animation for walking, even if I've set 1 to walking animation
  • if I set 0 as' walking' (just to see what happens) he starts and constantly loops the walking animation
  • 1 has been set to 'walking' in both cases
I'm thinking I need some additional conditions that what's available moveLeft and moveRight scripts. I'm using Version 4.5.9, and it seems like the scripts that are in the YouTube tutorial videos are far different, and have more detailed conditions that regulate standing and walking so you're not constantly looping.

I've attached a screenshot of the moveLeft script for reference. Thoughts?


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Are you sure you have the stop moving script and the change action to stop and moving scripts as thoughs are what causes the players state to change, the move left and right scripts just tell it to move in the direction


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OK, so I've been in the lab tinkering. By the way, thanks guys for your help. The things you mentioned got me thinking and I started getting the hang of things.

I have a couple of issues with inputs that I want to get your thoughts on. Check out this demo of my character's input actions so far, walking and jumping: Character Input Test 01 - YouTube


a single frame of the jumping animation appears

during a jump the character begins walking

It appears that walking and jumping script are colliding. I wonder if it has to do with my animation settings (down, down right, etc), but when I tweak those I get undesirable results as well.

Some screenshots of my settings are attached. Let me know if you would like to see any of the code and I'll post it.


~ Brad


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I would suggest to use the "HOLD" instead of "PRESS" for the MoveRight.asm and MoveLeft.asm inputs.
Not sure if it will fix your issue, but at least, it would be like it has to be used (like explained in the 4.5 tutorials)
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