Hello from Adrian, LuboneSoft is coming ;)


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Hello everyone, enthusiasts of the new NES homebrew wave! My name is Adrian, I live in Poland and for years I have been a great fan of 8 bit entertainment. When most of you played on NES, in Poland the Pegasus "clone" console broke all popularity records and left a mark on the generation of players to which I belong.
For several days I have been the owner of NESmaker software, because I feel that this is the right direction to develop my passion for 8 bit games, to create a NES subculture with you, which is constantly developing and doing well.
Nice to meet you!


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Nice to meet you, good to see that the nes popularity spiked in Poland, to bad you ain’t got an actual nes though, but it’s good to see new people


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Good to hear you Nesmakers. I'm very excited about every game you make ... Recently, I've liked Doodle World a lot. I play the original Famicom AV, but I left Pegasus for my son to learn about this beautiful story...


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Hi Adrian
You live in a beautiful country. I visited Krakow a few years back with a polish work collegue. Best night out ever!
I didn't know you didn't get the NES. That's interesting.

All the best with your NesMaker projects!

I like the very subtle self promotion from Dale! haha


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Thank you for the motivation for my Nesmaker project!

Dale, l really respect the father and son initiative. It's nice that the next generations get to know what NES is and participate in the creative process. it's very developing. I know Kubo of course, I have a rom from ich.io Congratulations on this project!

I am glad that you like Krakow and you got to know the famous Polish hospitality. I recommend visiting the Baltic Sea in the future, it is beautiful.

As for my project, I'm just getting started, but I devote my evenings to learning. Currently working on the first board, but slowly everything starts to take shape ... And I have to admit, it's addictive ;)

At this link you can find the first photos from the LuboneSoft production:

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