hurtPlayerTile_shooter typo


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Davey actually found this when I was having checkpoint issues after having had hit a "hurt" tile. i figured I'd share it because it cause me a few new grey hairs. If you look at the code here you can find on line 26 warpMap. This command doesn't actually do anything as it should be warpToMap. If you check out line 39 you can see that it does indeed call for warpToMap and not warpMap.

        ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Presumes there is a variable called myLives defined in user variables.
	;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; You could also create your own variable for this.

	LDA gameHandler
	AND #%10000000
	BEQ +canHurtPlayer
		JMP +skipHurt
	CPX player1_object
	BEQ +doPlayer
		LDA Object_flags,x
		AND #%00000100
		BNE +notWeapon
		JMP +done
	DEC myLives
	LDA myLives
	BNE +notGameOver
		;; is game over.
	LDA continueMap
	STA warpMap
	LDA continueX
	STA newX
	LDA continueY
	STA newY
	LDA continueScreen
	STA warpToScreen
	STA camScreen
	WarpToScreen warpToMap, warpToScreen, #$02
		;; arg0 = warp to map.  0= map1.  1= map2.
		;; arg1 = screen to warp to.
		;; arg2 = screen transition type - most likely use 1 here.
			;; 1 = warp, where it observes the warp in position for the player.

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