Looking for people to give my early game demo a quick test.


I initially posted this in the WIP section but thought it might be better suited here.

I have just created this one level demo, it's still in alpha so there is no SFX or music implemented yet.

I only put it together to see how people feel about the screen transitions.
I have had to use screen warps for when the player moves vertically between screens.
As a result of this, the spawn in point is predetermined and I'm worried this might disorient the player if they jump up in the opposite direction.
I have tried to lessen the impact of this by making the pathways only 2 tiles wide and I have also put a platform tile on this side the player will spawn to encouraging them to jump up in that direction.

also know bugs are,
* The player starts in a running animation after the warp. I'm still trying to fix that one.
* If the player jumps and hits a solid object above them, along with their Y movement being stopped their X movement will also be.

If anyone could give it a try, and let me know what they think it would be appreciated cheers.

I'm hoping it's not a too big deal and I'm just being overly paranoid :)

Demo: https://www.mediafire.com/file/aldr3z93jndtcr8/8BitSpace2_0.1.nes/file


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The Game is good, The jumping isn't to jaring at all but one issue is that their is this one screen where going down into it really shows the issue1626727746227.png
The game was cool tho


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for the first problem have you tried putting...
ChangeActionStep player1_object, #$00
... before your warp?


@Logana glad you're liking it. Thank you for linking me to the fix for that bug, I will try and implement that tomorrow, if I can fix that I can add a lot more enemies where the ceiling is low, so that's a massive help.

Lucky that warp issue can be fixed really easy I originally had that room as the level spawn in point but remembered I could not as I needed the spawn in location for the room above and I must of forgot to change it back haha.

Hi @Jonny yeah I tried that first. I put the code in a few different places but for some bizarre reason it did not work. I thought I fixed it by adding a tile on where the player warps to and changing the ChangeActionStep there. Only problem being is if the player is holding left or right to walk on warp the player animation does not trigger.

Thanks for the input guys.
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