Never able to export/test


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I've never been able to get any NESMaker project to correctly run in any emulator. I've tried 3 different emulators, told my antivirus software to chill out, but I always get something like this. This is from the 20 minute tutorial for the Maze Game. I'm not using anything outside of that, haven't changed anything from what assets were already provided.

C:\Users\Danny\Documents\nesmaker_4_1_5\NESmaker_4_1_5\GameEngineData>asm6 MainASM.nes game.nes demo.txt
pass 1..
GameData\DataBank01_Includes.asm(24): Can't open file.
demo.txt written.

Press any key to continue . . .

I keep trying to work on things, but get all dejected when I hit this point. What do I need to do to make it work?


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Seems like you have an incorrect script in your "Scripts > Input Scripts" list... check the scripts that are there, remove the one that doesn't exist anymore, and remove the ones you don't use in your "Input Editor".
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