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Hi Everyone,

I'm Zoltan from Hungary. I bought this wonderful program, but it seems I'm suck even with this level of "coding", so I got stuck only with my artistic skills. So currently I'm looking for a project as an artist plus I can work on the game design, story too. My weak spot is level design tough. What I'm really looking for...
- somebody who's experienced in making NES games, and is an adult by legal means,
- somebody who has got time for a project and won't silently withdraw,
- somebody who is serious enough to work till we finish the project shall it be easy or complicated,
- somebody who can communicate even if things aren't going well. Withdraw is an option, but let the others know. Please.

What I can offer:

Please send a message if you are interested.


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I wish I had the ability and skills to get involved with this because your art is spectacular! Good luck with it all.


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Welcome Zoltan...
Love your art style (I am really in love with the idea of having adventures of Miller and Shelly!)
Can't wait to see the projects you will be into.


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Fine pixel art Zolionline, I think this is a issue we all have here at NES Makers. We wouldn't have picked up the program had we already know how to make NES games. I wish you the best of luck. You have a great eye for pixel art.

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Saulus, i can help with box art and that stuff if he's busy.This is great stuff.
I love the "bret hart with a gun" screen. Really beautiful.
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