Player does not appear when exporting game


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Whenever I export/test my game the player character does not seem to show up on screen and you can't do anything. Re-placing the player character and resetting placements don't work, neither does doing anything in the Pixel editor or the Input Editor. Help would be appreciated.


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Did you watch the tutorial videos? Okay, you need to set your player to persistent, the pixel editor only works if you save the file, also you have to open the .bpm file and open it before editing it for it to work

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Yeah , like Logana is saying. If you have some time, start with the
early or beginner tutorials. They show how to start using the program.
I had to watch them several times. Sometimes its tough to follow Joe.
I just searched youtube for all of them, even old ones.
But the videos can help a ton, and show the basics of using the program.

Its best to follow EXACTLY with the tutorials. (other than corrections or mess ups)
But then when you get a good grasp, start to differ and grow on your own.
In short, its not a simple program persay. It involves set up and specific things to be done at times.
But once you get it, it can become simple.

Today i feel comfortable with almost anything to do with the program.
Thats not to say im and expert NES coder. But i can do what i want mostly
within NESmaker, and i never coded for an NES game before i made my game.
But 7 months later, my game was made. With muuuuch help from this forum and the
people here.And people who are no longer here.


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Like they said, I'd suggest to follow again the tutorial videos. Those are our guides ;)

Also, for your Player, make sure you set it to "PERSISTANT" and "Player" in the Object Detail dialog. And check you set a speed, acceleration and his bounding box. That should be it ;)


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