Sam's Journey - A new NES game is in the making


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Hi! I'm Zlata, living in Ukraine. I get about $240 a month. It is very little for me ((

That's why I can do it for a little money:
- Send you hot photos and videos
- send you a video of sex with an ex-boyfriend
- I can do what you say in Skype, whatsapp or other messenger

Also ready to come to you in any country for your money.
I will not leave my contacts here. Find me just on the site my nick is Zlata

Here is my photo, many like it, but not me

I hope to see you


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I would definitely be down to be a moderator since I’m on the forum atleast once every day, but I have no idea how I would go about it really, although I all ways check every new post to see what’s happening
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