Almika The Star Rider Densetsu Gaiden ( For The NES )

Almika The Star Rider Densetsu Gaiden

This is a story of a girl from the center of the Sun. Also she's hungry, and loves to nap!
The Earth is in trouble. Saturn is Eclipsing the Sun and an evil ceremony is about to commence.

Starring : Almika!
Also starring : Alimka's stomach!

updated ROM on 11/21/2020

50% of this game was made with the power of the Sun! I used my solar panels
in my cabin to run my laptop and recharge it for much of the making of this game.
This goes along with the name Almika, meaning "
She of the Sun".
Thanks to the universal all power, much appreciated.

Much thanks to dale_coop .

Thanks to NESmaker and its creators.
Thanks to Joe for his time and videos.
For help in general and support, Thanks to...
my Family and Friends...
Bucket Mouse
janky nate


more to list here...

Demo Testers: Jonny and Logana

If at all possible , please refrain from selling physical copies of this game, atleast for a while.
Anyone here is welcome to grab the ROM. Feel free to flash or make a cart.
But if you want a nice cart of the game, go to and getchurself one! (may not be a listing there yet,but will be this week.
Just ask for a star rider 40 dollars shipped US)
I do get a cut, so it does help support me financially.
If you live in another continent, pm me and i will try to work something out.

ROM Download:
wikiFANDOM -

TIPS: Let everyone talk.Dont walk out of a door when someone is talking. Text triggers stuff, so if you dont listen,
you may not be able to advance until you listen.


The game saves like every 5 to 10 screens. Mostly around 10ish. It saves in specific spots, i just mean those spots are every so many screens.
Like at a town, or right before a boss, or right after an npc opens the way.

Find all the 4 armor, find the 5 warpgates, then find the 5 keys, then go to the temple. Beat the bad guy boss guy Thats the whole game.

The projectile helps alot. You'll find that in level 4.

There is a Second Sword in the game after you find the armor.

I made it so juuust incase you get hardlocked, you can press down, select, a, and b at the same time to destroy yourself.
I built this game with NESmaker, which has alot of bugs and quirks so...........
I ran into so many barriers along the way, but in the end i think i have a solid game that shouldnt soft or hardlock.
But that being said, we all gotta deal with it however it is. I can update, but it is what it is. I give it my approval.But no refunds.


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Congratulations buddy! I am so excited for this game. Have you thought about doing a release? I have know some guys who are highly respected in the community that can help you with manuals and boxes!
Thanks! I did think about it. We do some stuff with uncle tusk but, i just didnt do any advertising for my game except on here. So i dont know about much demand.Maybe!


Congratulations on finishing Almika!!!! I know I've said it before but I REALLY love the butterflies it's such a nice touch and the art is very clean. The controls are nice and polished as well.
Did a major update to fix some things , and re arange other things to work better
and be more balanced overall. The link to the rom has been updated.

Also heres the first cart we made for myself.
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I start and am stuck at this screen. Is this an emulator problem, wrong rom or is there just something I simply
understand about progression of this part?

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